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Reference Material (Gold Assaying)

Reference materials Certified for Pt, Pd, Au, Ag

Product Description

  • Quality reference materials: Accepted by the International Association of Geoanalysts
  • Used by laboratories, miners and explorers: For QA/QC management
  • Formal certificate of analysis for each RM: Comply with the ASTME1831-96
  • Guaranteed homogeneity: Confirmed by independent formal testing.
  • Affordable: For use on an every batch basis.
  • Broad range of gold values: Blank (<0.002ppm) and 0.0798 to 30.49ppm.
  • Oxide and sulphide matrices: With low moisture aborption.
  • Technical support: For choosing RMs and statistically analysing results.
  • Available in 2.5kg jars, 50g and 30g sachets.


Current Range (Click on the link below)

Current range gold assaying