Phoenix 2
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Innovative Fusion Technology
The reputation of the Phoenix has been established in nearly 1000 installations worldwide in the last 20 years. In that time it has shown itself to be the reliable and flexible workhorse of the fusion laboratory; beloved by chemists and laboratory managers alike.

The Phoenix II takes that base of reliability and adds a number of class leading features that makes it the most advanced fusion machine on the market.

Product Description


ABCS: Adaptive Burner Control System: The revolutionary adaptive burner control system allows the user to set the burner temperature electronically at the user interface.

Established Reliability: The core features of this machine are the same as the original phoenix or have been re-designed based on the lessons learned from millions of hours of operation. The machine has been extensively validated and undergone rigorous customer testing.

Advanced User Interface: The Phoenix II user interface has the look and feel of a modern laboratory instrument. The simple touch screen user interface is easy to use and allows the simple programing of recipes, visual tracking of the status of the machine and easy access to higher level functionality and service.

Safe operation: The Phoenix II is the safest gas machine on the market. The gas burners and all high temperature items are enclosed behind a glass door. All external surfaces are safe to touch and are considerably cooler than comparable machines. The gas shut-off and electrical safety systems also meet the highest possible standards.

Automatic PREMELTING, MELTING, SWIRLING, POURING and Bi-Level COOLING -Mould retraction for precise control of cooling – Variable frequency and speed swirling – Adjustable speed pouring – Hold in any cycle – Variable cooling rate – ICP Mode –  Ethernet connection.

Technical specifications:
Electrical: 110 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz ; 720 Watts .
Dimensions: 900mm(L) x 650mm(D) x 550mm(H) – Weight: 110kg
Gas : propane/LPG :30mbar or alternative natural gaz:80mbar; Air: 5bar, Oxygen: 4bar

Options Available:
Ammonium iodide injection; ICP mode.

Code Number Description
PHOENIX II 6000 Produces 6 samples simultaneously (XRF or ICP)