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Fused glass disks for XRF and acid solutions for AA or ICP

The process.
Samples are dissolved and mixed into a lithium borate flux at temperatures ranging from 600 to 1250°C. (Typical fusion temperature is 1050°C) This is done over oxygen-enriched flames using specially designed burners. The sample is automatically poured into pre-heated moulds. The moulds are then retracted over separate cooling jets for precise control of cooling. Up to 6 samples can be fused simultaneously.

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Product Description

  • Fully Automatic & reproducible sample preparation
  • High productivity
  • Up to 80 user-customizable fusion programs
  • USB connection to computer
  • High speed bead/solution production
  • Individual burners for crucible and mould
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Superior homogenization: eccentric rotation – vortex
  • Rugged & durable
  • Perfect control of the cooling process

Automatic PREMELTING, MELTING, SWIRLING, POURING and Bi-Level COOLING -Mould retraction for precise control of cooling – Variable frequency and speed swirling – Adjustable speed pouring – Hold in any cycle – Variable cooling rate – ICP Mode – – USB connection

Technical specifications:
Electrical: 110 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz ; 720 Watts .
Dimensions: 880mm(L) x 630mm(D) x 310mm(H) – Weight: 90kg
Gas : propane/LPG :30mbar or alternative natural gaz:80mbar; Air: 5bar, Oxygen: 4bar

Options Available:
Ammonium iodide injection

Code Number
PHOENIX 3000M/VFD Produces 3 samples simultaneously (XRF or ICP)
PHOENIX 6000M/VFD Produces 6 samples simultaneously (XRF or ICP)